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Guest Feedback

Guest Name: Pablo Lavastrou and Paola Hervas
Tour: Classical India and Nepal Tour
Dates of Tour: November- December 2013
Country/Nationality: Argentina

Puru & The Compass Representatives,

I am speechless as I do not have words to describe how thankful we are for this wonderful Travel which not only exceeded our expectations but helped us in fulfilling our long awaited dream.

One thing which we will never forget is the love and affection of the Indian people for us. The attention which we got was incredible in all the aspects, the representatives and guides were all very warm and accommodating and we have become friends with many of them. The hotels, the food, all the guided visits were all special which only India can offer.

We will recommend Compass with closed eyes to all. Behind all the minute details of our travel I would like to highlight our friend Puru who gave us his true Friendship. We truly recommend, appreciate and respect Compass.



Guest Name: Dr Ricardo Ronderos and Friends
Tour: India and Nepal Tour
Dates of Tour: 24th October 2013 - 11th November 2013
Country/Nationality: Argentina

Namaste Puru!

I am from Argentina, La Plata, and I have just came back from a amazing experience visiting India and Nepal

This was an excellent trip!!! Compass services were great, over our expectations!
All people involved, managers, drivers and spanish spoken guides were superb!
The main issue was the public relations guy Purnendu who was always concern about our trip and enjoyement.

I have to tell any body that i should repeat my experience in other areas in India and Nepal with Compass.

Thanks Compass for the excellent time lived in India and Nepal
Dr Ricardo Ronderos and Friends
La Plata argentina

Please let me know if you organize travel to other countries in Asia.

varanasi tour india

Agra Fort, Agra

jantar mantar in Rajasthan

baby taj, Agra

Guest Name: Ms. Deborah Wareham
Tour: Golden Triangle Tour with Varanasi
Dates of Tour: 28/08/12 - 05/09/12
Country/Nationality: USA

Hi Compass India Holidays

It's Debbie. I just wanted to say thank you for the most fabulous trip ever. I finally received some pictures & I wanted to share with you.

Please share with Rupi, Raj my driver and Jas. I had such a good time, as you will be able to see in my pictures.

Compass Travel and its employees are the Best Tour Company In The Whole of India!!

Thanks for everything, I do hope I can bring business your way in the future.

Love Light & Laughter

Elephant Ride at Amber Fort

taj mahal tour

Guest Name: Mr. & Mrs. Hector Guzman
Tour: Classical India Tour with Mumbai
Dates of Tour: 04/10/12 - 19/10/12
Country/Nationality: Dominican Republic

Dear Rahul,

Without you we never will get the beautiful tours by India. You are a nice person and you never said no for everything we asked you. We know all important and beautiful places in your country. We never thank India was a nice place; even we had travel all over the world.

Your company needs to do more promotion in America including your good attention. Every people in you company including the nice driver was excellent.

We are making promotion for you. Try to contact the ambassador because this is a good way to get good customer.

He is a nice person, try to visit him, his name is Hans Dannerberg.

We hope to continue like you are because you will arrive far away like excellent travel agent. Thanks a lot again for your attention, Rahul.

Here i am sending some photos of our travel to India.

Hector Guzman

Guest Name: Mr. & Mrs. Naresh Shah
Tour: Kolkata & Kingdom of Bhutan
Dates of Tour: 29/09/12 - 12/10/12
Country/Nationality: British

Dear Radhika,

We have not stopped talking about the best holiday we had in Bhutan and Kolkata. Whenever someone ask about it we say how great it all was. And then in the very next sentence we acknowledge that Bhutan is a great experience; but what made it even better was the way we enjoyed the 15 days without any hassle or worry. And Radhika, all this thanks to you and Shweta. You had taken care of every small thing. I think from the time we landed at Kolkata we were looked after so well and all smiling friendly people genuinely wanting to make our holiday even more enjoyable.

In Kolkata, we had the most enthusiastic guide with whom we relived part of the British Raj History; saw some of the street life that as visitors we may avoid and for me specially he took us to a friend's place in the Old City. The family is a very close relative on Netaji Shubhash Bose. The hotel you chose for us was very friendly and comfortable. The chefs competed to give us the best food. And a big thank you for the special Birth Day Dinner.

The ten days in Bhutan will be remembered for ever for the comfort and services of the Amankora Hotels. Their staff and management made us feel at home and treated as family.

The only sore point was the sore bums we had after long journeys but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Once again, Radhika, thank you very much for a memorable holiday. I am tempted to ask if you organise holidays in Cambodia; we would like to visit the ancient temples.

If ever you visit the UK, please look us up. It would be great to say thank you in person.

Kind Regards
Naresh Shah

Guest Name: Ambika Jammula
Tour: Golden Triangle Tour
Country: United State of America

Dear Compass India Holidays,

I wanted to write to you for longest time but was caught up with other things, I apologize for that. First, I would like to thank you for the excellent job you have done for my India trip from planning to booking and to addressing to my needs. Everything worked out as planned.

I was bit nervous as it was my first trip with my in-laws. I thought it would be tough dealing with two different generations (in-laws and kids) but all the arrangement you made, made it easy on my part to make it a grand success. It was very comfortable at every level from arrival to departure. Meeting with compass reps. was very thrilling. They made it easy with all necessary information. Having a guide who can speak different languages made it even easier for kids to understand our history. They were fascinated by the beauty of Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Palaces in Jaipur.

I would like to express my 'Thank you' to you and your staff members who made my trip very memorable. My family will remember this trip for rest of our life's. Every thing worked out well. I have recommended your site and service to most of my friends abroad and in India. Thank you again and please share this e-mail with your staff. Take care.

Ambika Jammula

Camel Safari, rajasthan

Guest Name: Ms. M. Patricia Garrido Gessa & Ms. M. Azucena Hidalgo Sanchez
Tour: North India Tour 14 days
Country: Spain

Before anything else I also wish U Happy Holidays and wish you enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones!! :) and this is also to tell you that we have been really very satisfied with the organization of the trip which couldn't have been better!!

The Hotels were very good and the service of the attendants, guides and the drivers magnificent! Specially want to confess that our last driver Gajendra Singh Yadav was so very generous and helpful, always at our disposal and was guarding and protecting us like a Father and we grew fond of him and we would please like you to tell him this as we were so secure with him !!

It was a great experience and I am sending you some of our photos to mark this adventure of ours ˇ!

Without anything else I want to appreciate and congratúlate you for the work from the very first time you contacted me it was a pleasure talking to you and all your colleague's help and without a doubt I will not fail to recommend my friends and family to contact you and more than anything if i can return to India I will go with Compass!!

A big kiss and a greeting.

Ms. M. Patricia Garrido Gessa & Ms. M. Azucena Hidalgo Sanchez

Holi Festival in India

Colorful Rajasthan

Guest Name: Ms Ana Gloria
Tour Taken: Best of North India With Festive Color 'Holi'
Country: Spain

Dear people of the Compass team, I thank you for your work on my trip to India on Holi Festival.

Everyone who attended me, made the trip full of good memories.

From Barcelona I'm sharing my memories, photographs and video footage with my friends and I continue to encourage people to travel to this great country.

I don't remember the names of all those people who attended me and I would appreciate if you could send me a list of the guides and drivers from every city I visited, so that I can send them some pictures, etc..

Especially of the person who accompanied us in Jaipur. I am sending a picture of a woman who worked at the Amber Fort and had already appeared in the photographs of the trip in 2010. She is a housekeeper, but for me very important. I too am a woman and when I saw that she recognized me I think she wanted to explain and ask, but she did not understand English and time forced us to continue the visit.

On the other hand, I thank Vaishali for the splendid treatment and I must mention that the Barcelona office helped out a lot.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Ana Gloria

Guest Name: G. Kirschenbaum and Gayle

Tour Taken: Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Delhi
Country: USA

Sorry we didn't get to meet. I know you were in NY and thought perhaps we might meet here.

Jaipur Trip

Taj mmahal Picture

First, I want to thank you for a wonderful tour. I will definitely recommend Compass to others. Pawan was on top of things all the time and available at any hour. Most of the guides were excellent. Particularly Angelique in Jaipur, and .. now I'm forgetting his name, our guide in Varanasi. They don't get any better. They worked far beyond the call for duty. Both highly intelligent with great personalities. Couldn't do enough for us.

It was especially great to have a female guide who understands the interests of women more.. like shopping desires.

Our driver Devin or David was extremely attentive and caring. He worked really hard and took care of my mother. He also worked over and beyond the call of duty. A very thoughtful, kind person. The only thing is for me he drove too fast and weaved too much for comfort in between cars. I did tell him and he definitely improved.

Our driver the last day in Delhi who we didn't have much contact with and I believe he didn't really feel comfortable with English, a very nice man from Nepal, driving style was more comfortable for us.

The hotels were excellent, I loved the Havelis particularly the one Jodpur. What a treat!

All the sites were fascinating. The only city that I thought the sites that were on the schedule were not of interest were in Delhi. We were now in the capital of India and we didn't need to see anymore ancient monuments when we only had one day there. I noticed a sign on the road for Gandhi's museum and then for Indira's and our guide took us there. We were both so fascinated by it. I believe westerners would be quite interested to visit both. Then in the afternoon we went to the old market in Old Delhi and that was also a treat.

We did manage to hook up with Isaac from the synagogue late at night and in fact, Pawan joined us. I was happy to make that contact for him. Isaac is a good speaker and quite involved in diplomatic relations about the topic of Jews in India. He is from the old Bene Israel tribe. A good contact for any of your Jewish travelers who go to Delhi.

We also had a lovely lunch with someone else I connected with named Gulu Ezekial. Gulu writes about cricket. He has a column in the India Times and has written several books on the subject. We met because I learned he is half Jewish. He took me and my mom and his sister to lunch at a lovely restaurant called The Kitchen. I highly recommend this place for your tourists.

Also, I would say the best Indian food we had was at the restaurant our guide Angelique took us to for lunch in Jaipur. I don't remember the name but I'm sure she does. It was not the fanciest place but the food was fabulous. She introduced us to a vegetarian dish that was not spicy - navaratan korma (sp?) with cashews. Yummy. Mom and I don't do well with spicy food. I ate a lot of chicken tandoor and chicken tikka masala. Both delicious and what I eat often in the states.

Having the cell phone made us feel secure. We knew we were not out of contact with our family in the states and we had a means to contact Compass or anyone in India. Thank you. It's a real plus. I understand it was your idea and I can only say a great idea that makes a huge difference.

We always felt taken care of and never alone. The way the tour was organized with a local compass rep and a local guide was perfect.

I was so impressed by the number of universities. And so impressed by the people who are so poor but don't feel poor. I loved learning about the Jaine people, visiting their, learning about Buddha.

Varsha, in all, I was blown away. Blown away by India, by the people, by Compass service. I want to come back and explore the areas I have not been to.. further north, Punjab, the south and so on.

You know what they say, Incredible India!

I will look for some pictures and forward to you.

Are you on Facebook?

Warmest regards,

Guest Name: Kay and M. Curran
Tour Taken: India Highlights with Tigers, Elephants and Aurangabad 17 Days
Country: Australia

Biggest Elephant

Taj Mahal by Key

Dear Compass India,

My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful service provided by your company during our recent trip.

I can only say that you and your staff far exceeded any reasonable expectations we may have had in relation to service, the quality of accommodation and the general experience of our trip.

Beginning particularly with Anchal, every member of your staff that we contacted was invariably helpful, polite, cheerful, creative and just basically nice.

The comfort of being met at every airport and assisted to our hotel was beyond value.

In many cases, and in particular during the fog delays in Jaipur, the local agent went far beyond what would be generally expected, managing to reschedule lost flights with a different airline, thus ensuring our eventual arrival in Kochi when it would appear that many others in similar situations did not.

In every case, the accommodation provided was excellent and of a higher standard than expected. Where hotels were not ultra-modern and 'international' in style, they were more traditional and provided other attractions. I am thinking of both Ranthambhore and Kochi where the hotel design seemed to capture the unique feeling of the location. Even the slightly faded splendour of the Fariyas in Mumbai provided as a bonus a spectacular view of the harbour, complete with dhows!

The drivers provided were beyond praise. Their skills were awesome and their even temperament, so essential for the type of driving they were doing, excellent. Their English skills were sufficient for the task and they were invariably considerate of our needs in relation to things like toilet stops.

The guides arranged were excellent. We appreciated the fact that the guide in Ajanta had a masters degree in history and that the guide in Mumbai was able to give us what was effectively an oral history, having lost a close relative in the attack.

We had three outstanding experiences during the trip, including that in Mumbai. The others were a 'close and personal' meeting with a tiger in Ranthambhore and the incomparable experience of the Taj Mahal which defies all explanation and expression.

Again, many thanks
Kay and M. Curran