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About Holi Festival - Indian Festival of Colors

Welcome to colours of India Festival Holi

Holi is the opening festival of the Hindu calendar.

On this day, people generally greet by smearing each other with colour and shouting out "Holi Hai" or simply "Happy Holi!"

Light snacks such as Pakoras, Gujia, and milk-based cool drinks (Thandai), are often served at Holi parties.

Demon King Hiranyakashyap demanded that everybody in his kingdom should worship him.

However, his pious son, Prahlad became a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap wanted his son to be killed.

He asked his sister Holika to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap, since Holika had a boon which made her immune to fire.

Story goes that Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu himself for his extreme devotion, and evil minded Holika was burnt to ashes, which is why a day before Holi, 'Chhoti Holi' is celebrated with a huge bonfire.

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Guest Reviews about India Tour with Compass India
Guest review about Holi Festival tour with Compass

Guest Name: Ms Ana Gloria
Country: Spain
Tour Taken: Holi Festival fo Colors India

Dear people of the Compass Team, I thank you for your work on my trip to India on Holi Festival.

Everyone who attended me, made the trip full of good memories.

From Barcelona I'm sharing my memories, photographs and video footage with my friends and I continue to encourage people to travel to this great country.

I don't remember the names of all those people who attended me and I would appreciate if you could send me a list of the guides and drivers from every city I visited, so that I can send them some pictures, etc..

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